NEWSgrist "where spin is art" is a blog edited by New York artist Joy Garnett that gathers
together short profiles, exhibition reviews, op-ed pieces and other online coverage with
occasional personal commentary. It takes as its focus the politics of art in the digital age,
focusing on free speech, intellectual property and censorship issues. NEWSgrist places art within a
sociocultural and political context, collaging texts in a way that obscures the difference
between artist and commentator, blog and work of art.


NEWSgrist was launched in March 2000 as a subscriber-based email-zine devoted to the politics
of art and culture in the digital age. For four years it was distributed entirely by email. In April 2004
it was relaunched as a blog. Newsgrist remains dedicated to bridging gaps between the digital and
the non-technical, art and activism, the diverse blog and non-blog worlds of readers and subscribers.

You can still subscribe to the email newsletter, which consists of a themed bundle of blog posts
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Joy Garnett

Newsgrist - where spin is art
Founded c. 2000.
Based in New York City.
Edited by Joy Garnett

KEYWORDS : art, media, digital, new media,, web art, culture, creative property,

fair use, public domain, electronic, tactical, virtual, news, spin...