> Anti-Bush Banner Launched in Grand Central


New Yorkers Launch Huge Anti-Bush Banner
with Balloons in Grand Central Station

(and walk away unhassled, amid cheers)


This action was conceived as a peaceful, provocative, visual message of
protest against the Bush Administration's manipulation of fear and
repression of dissenting voices and to show that many New Yorkers and US
citizens stand opposed to the Bush Administration's exploitation of fear in
the wake of 9/11. We are opposed to their lies, and the wars they have

Press Release:


NEW YORK, August 18, 2004 - Today at 5:43 p.m., a group of New Yorkers
released a 15-foot banner suspended by helium balloons in the main
concourse of New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The banner reads:


The banner now hangs from the Vanderbilt Avenue end of the Terminal’s
vaulted ceiling, across from the large American Flag hanging above the
eastern end of the concourse.


Watch streaming video footage of the action. (courtesy ACT UP: Republican National Convention Protests)

Digital stills are available at:

The action was conceived as a peaceful visual message of protest against the
Bush administration: Its exploitation of fear and uncertainty in the wake of
9/11, its lies, and the wars it has engendered.

Rather than healing the gaping wounds left by 9/11, Bush has bombarded us with lies.

Rather than acting to improve the nation’s anti-terrorism efforts, he has
launched wars that have added to the violence and incited terrorists.

Rather than working with our allies and abiding by international laws, Bush
has shown contempt for the United Nations, the Geneva Conventions, and other
world governments.

Rather than reinforcing democratic and humane ideals, Bush used 9/11 to push
through the Patriot Act and launch an assault on American civil liberties
and freedom of expression.

The protesters chose Grand Central Terminal because it is a main artery of
New York City, which will soon be infiltrated by a Republican Party that,
through the President and its majority in Congress, has made this country
and the world more ruthless and dangerous places.

The protesters have chosen to resist the climate of fear and to show that
there are many New Yorkers and U.S. citizens who stand opposed to the war in
Iraq, opposed to Bush’s foreign policy, and to the Republican Party’s
neglect of actual needs such as jobs, healthcare, housing, education, and
true national security.

Today’s action is part of a groundswell of visual, non-violent protest
against the Bush administration that has surfaced despite the repressive
climate this administration has fostered.

For more information about this action, please email:


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"New York is awash in pre-convention antics as the opening for the GOP confab approaches. In Grand Central Station, in the midst of rush hour last Tuesday evening, anti-war protesters unleashed a 15-foot-high giant banner, suspended by helium balloons. "No Bush Lies Wars," the banner read, and commuters applauded as it rose toward the cavernous ceiling. The banner stayed aloft for three hours while Metro-North police waited for the helium to escape."

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