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November 26, 2008



this documentary REALLY affected me. i have been thinking of my daughters every minute since i saw the show. trying to think of a way to tell them how important it is for them to have their sexual partners use a condom. and yes, the FACT that women ARENT in control in intimate situations needs to be addressed as #1 reason why aids is contracted. ALL OF US women fall for the romantic gestures and words of a MAN. we feel safe when those words of LOVE are flowing. we have FAITH in LOVE. and believe that everything is alright once the man exhibits his 'love' to us. men KNOW that manipulating our feelings and taking advantage of our vulnerability to feel loved is the ticket to getting into our pants.thats why men that we think love us but they keep acting like we are taxing them emotionally really dont love us and just want sex. thats why they seem so aggravated having to pay attention to us. when they really dont want a "relationship" at all. a man that is committed to you doesnt care about the sex. a man that cares about you talks about the future and plans ahead for the both of you, and doesnt want to have sex. a man that cares will wait for you, will wear a condom if you ask, will come meet your parents, mow their lawn, chop their firewood, etc etc etc. we never seem to like the nice guys though do we? ....... women that have been raped by their fathers,brothers,uncles, sold to men by their mothers, do you think that they have any clue what love is? no!do you think they could tell a big black man "NO, u have to use a condom!" ? men are pigs basically!not mine of course.

Megan Holt

To start off im 15 yrs old..The Aids Film All Of Us really open my eyes..To me it was better than The Movie Life Support...It really took me to a Reality view of what HIV victims went through. Tara really was the one that touch me...But dont get me wrong so did the other one that got married..The one that got married and have t a 3yr old is doing excellent and I am soo Proud of Her..It makes me happy that she wears a smile on her face everyday and keeps her head up. But this whole thing really hit me to how powerful AIDS are and how it only takes one time. It's crazy how the person you love or thought you love could be your possible killer. It made me realize that you should trust no boy/man no matter how much they tell you they love you and is not interactive with anyone else, you should always rap it up. I hope you go on a world tour to speak among AIDS personally because it would really help in South Carloina where im from. I have a cousin who is HIV positive and it hurts me to know that one day she's not gonna wake up. Well thank you for teaching us somethings that we did not really know until now.
Megan Holt

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